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#54 Taiwan: Keesjan Engelen [Titoma] Electronics Design & Manufacturing in Asia

To find the right factory in China: you have to kiss many frogs before finding a princess

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- Main topics covered in this episode:

  • Living in Taiwan for 25 years

  • Designing and manufacturing electronic products, IOT

  • Being advice by a friend to choose Taiwan over Beijing a long time ago...

  • IOT: avoid having too many features, do one thing but do it very well

  • Taiwan ecosystem, HTC, Acer, Asus

  • OEM, ODM, the taiwanese strategy

  • Being a young MBA Teacher, starting the local office of a design company

  • Doing sales in Chinese, not relying on guanxi / relationships

  • The benefits of being an intrapreneur: being paid to learn, hire, manage, find clients…

  • Starting a company, staying confident before business picks up

  • Focusing on B2B devices over consumer electronics, a competitive market

  • Manufacturing for 80% in China, 20% in Taiwan

  • How to choose the right factory and build a long term relationship


Other episodes mentioned:

  • (in French) Philippe Chiu, Unabiz, how to avoid the cemetery of IOT POCs

  • (in French) Pascal Viaud, Ubik, the semi-conductor industry, TSMC, Taiwan


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